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What is important in the bedroom? What to follow when arranging a bedroom? Therefore, it is worth thinking very thoroughly about the arrangement of the bedroom. I have some cool, practical tips for you.

The bedroom is such our place, our oasis of peace. For rest, for sleep, for a moment to ourselves, for sweet lazing on a Sunday morning. We spend a large part of our lives in the bedroom, so it is worth taking care of its proper arrangement. Try to create a luxurious space for yourself, where full harmony and proportion between comfort and aesthetics will be maintained. Plan every element – let it look tailor-made. Nothing should be a coincidence. Materials, textures, colors, and patterns are to be a coherent composition, which is difficult to pass by indifferently. The bed has to match the curtains, the wall decoration to the floor trim, and the pillows to the bedspread. Bet on nature, too. Let greenery fill the space with its beneficial effects. A bedroom filled with such luxury is a place you will always return to with great pleasure.


To begin with, consider which room to designate as a bedroom. The best choice will be the one furthest away from the living room so that the sounds of TV, conversations, or music will not disturb your peaceful rest. It’s also good if the bedroom windows don’t face a busy street or a noisy yard. Noise from outside will certainly not affect a good, healthy daily sleep. You should also consider a room whose windows face east because then you will be awakened by the warm, pleasant rays of the sun. A slightly inferior solution will be windows facing west. Why? Because in the morning the bedroom may be too dark, and in the evening it may be too hot.

You have chosen a room for a bedroom – now think carefully about what function it will serve. After all, a bedroom is not always just a place intended for sleep and rest. Often it also becomes a workspace, a storage area, or a children’s room. So you need to think, in addition to a comfortable bed, where to plan a closet, set up a desk or crib.
Remember to do this early, and not during the finishing or renovation works. Thank to this, the interior is comfortable, and everything will be where it should be.


Choosing colors for the bedroom is a very pleasant stage. I like it a lot, but so do the owners. What to keep in mind when reaching for colorful inspiration? About the fact that the colors in the bedroom must promote tranquility and ensure a peaceful sleep. Bright, neutral colors will work best in this role. You can reach for white, gray, beige, taupe or pastels in the form of pleasant blues, powder pink or subtle greens. Bright colors will make your bedroom look light, fresh and, above all, soothe the senses, providing beautiful dreams. They will also optically enlarge the room, so they will be good wherever the square footage is small and we have equally little daylight.

A bright bedroom will not be boring. If you think so is a big mistake. You can enliven the dominance of bright colors with more intense, vivid colors or break them with dark accents. It is best to introduce them into the bedroom in the form of accessories – carpet, curtains, bedspread, bedding, pillows, and painting. They will give the interior character and avoid monotony. It is also worth considering a bed with colorful upholstery.

It looks interesting in a version of bottle green or elegant black. How about black lamps? This option will work well in classic and more modern versions. There are also wallpapers with beautiful patterns that will enliven but also bring a cozy atmosphere to the bedroom. You can decorate the wall behind the bed with them and the effect will be fantastic. However, remember to avoid strong, intense colors on large surfaces in the bedroom. Red or orange will not work at least on the walls.

For the bedroom even dark colors are ideal. However, this is not a good option for every interior. Black, navy blue, or graphite are best chosen for a large bedroom, to which they will give coziness, sophistication, and an elegant flair. In a small bedroom, however, use dark colors with sensitivity, as they can overwhelm the interior and make it simply gloomy.


The most important thing in a bedroom is, of course, a comfortable, comfy bed. The bigger, wider, the better. For lovers of natural materials, I recommend a wooden bed, for lovers of cozy atmosphere, a bed upholstered in a soft, pleasant velour fabric with a large headrest. Such a headrest looks sensational on the entire wall behind the bed. It will be a fantastic decoration for the bedroom.

On the sides of the bed will be useful, even small cabinets, on which you can set a lamp or put down a book or glasses. It is good if you leave some free space under both sides of the bed for free movement. If you need a closet then it is best to choose a custom-made built-in from a carpenter. This will ensure that you have made good use of all the available space and get a product perfectly tailored to your needs.

Lighting is also very important in the bedroom – preferably with different light intensities. A soft, dim one with a warm color will promote relaxation and lull you well to sleep. A stronger one will be useful for cleaning, and a spotlighting, on the other hand, for reading.

Soft, pleasant fabrics and materials always play a huge role in the design of any bedroom. Thanks to them, even a modern, minimalist interior becomes more warm, cozy. Do not forget about it!