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Comfortable, beautiful, and meets all the needs of the household. What else? I will try to look for the answer to this not-so-simple question.

Proper design of the living room is extremely important. It is the focal point of our homes, and apartments and at the same time a space that serves many different functions. It is here that we spend time with the family, relax with a good movie or a cup of coffee, play with the children, meet with friends, sometimes sleep, and sometimes work. Thus, the design of the living room must meet the needs of each household member, both in terms of function, furnishings, space, prevailing climate, and style. Combining all these elements, contrary to appearances, is not at all easy and often poses a real challenge, even if you have a large, spacious and room with an adjustable layout. After all, you need to find the right balance between the coziness of the interior that is so important for householders, and openness and representativeness for guests.


To begin with, think about how you spend your time at home, what you like to do together and what you like to do separately, but also how you would like to spend your time. How will this help? Thanks to this you will know what in the living room must be, and what you can give up. Someone like long lazing on the couch, someone else prefer reading with a book in an armchair. Someone like listening to music with a good sound system, while someone else prefer marathons with a favorite TV series with the best picture quality.

Also, a family with children will have different expectations from the living room arrangement, and a single or retired couple will have different expectations. Determining your needs is not difficult, and will make it easier for you to plan an attractive space for all members of the household, where everyone will have a place for themselves.


Another also important issue to consider is determining the function of the living room. This is also an extremely individual matter. Most often, as I mentioned at the beginning, the living room does not have only one function.

However, it does not have to perform the same functions in every house or apartment. If the living room, in addition to the lounge space, is to be a bedroom or guest room then consider buying a comfortable sofa or corner sofa with a sleeping function. If the living room is to include a dining room then it will be necessary to plan space for setting a table, which is also useful nowadays when working remotely. If you love books then the living room must include space for a bookcase, a bookcase, or a comfortable armchair.

However, what definitely can’t be missing from the living room? A sofa, a coffee table, and a TV. This is our Polish living room must-have. Maybe only more and more often and willingly we give up the TV, replacing it with a projector.


It’s time for aesthetics! Before you start choosing colors, finishing materials, or furniture, you need to know what style you want to decorate your living room in. Decide on the one you like and the one that will match the other rooms in the house. You can bet on one style, but you might as well be tempted to combine elements from different styles. Such an arrangement mishmash is a great idea if you like good, modern design, but at the same time elegant, proven classics, or light, bright Scandinavian atmosphere. Mix and match, but in moderation and with reason. Don’t overdo it! Remember that too many different inspirations in one living room area can cause clutter and aesthetic disarray.
No matter what style you choose, it’s good if your living room is a cozy place where you spend time pleasantly. Even when you opt for modernity or minimalism. You can always introduce the warming power of wood into your living room, which works well anytime and anywhere. Just like soft, pleasant, and beautifully presented fabrics.


The living room is a representative space, so as much as possible it is worth decorating it luxuriously. I believe that the quality of life can be improved through exceptional design, and this is what I follow when designing interiors. With every detail, material, and element, I try to create a luxurious whole that is one of a kind and style, while maintaining its truly personal character. I also combine the originality of forms taken from nature with their functionality.

So for a luxurious living room invite natural, noble materials and nature itself. Stone and wood always look beautiful in an interior. They have their unique charm, which cannot be replaced by any cheaper imitations. If you add to this duo the incredible power of greenery and its salutary effect on our well-being, the effect is truly sensational. But luxury is also timelessness. So opt for high-quality material and furniture that will stay with you for years, not a season. And the colors? I rather recommend subdued colors such as whites, grays, beiges, something from the palette of gold and silver, and strong and distinctive black.