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EnrichSpace Concept

Creator of the original EnrichSpace concept

Introducing greenery and natural materials into interior design as important elements influencing positive well-being and regenerating human senses.

I pay attention to the influence of architecture on a person’s inner self, on a person’s well-being. Using the right lighting, materials, and design elements, I influence the subconscious and senses of the user.

“Quality of life can be improved through exceptional design. Conscious design can influence the user’s sensations, feelings, and emotions.”

Luxury, which is often used, is giving the user inner comfort. Positive emotions. A sense of relaxation, and relaxes the body. That’s why I often use natural materials, greenery, and elements taken from nature, which give the greatest power flowing from the human subconscious.

“True Luxury comes from Nature. From it comes the power of timelessness and the power of human well-being.”
Agnieszka Hajdas

The concept is to create a symbiotic space inspired by nature. A space that regenerates and creates well-being is understood as a subjective sense of happiness and satisfaction with life.

Unlike architecture which focuses solely on form, function, and comfort, I influence a person’s inner self by providing conditions for the exchange of energy at the sensory, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

concept assumptions

The important thing is “your inner self”. I design the space that surrounds you and improves the quality of your life.

When designing a space, I want to provide the user with the environment that he/she subconsciously needs. His/her senses and body need it. The space in which we live, which surrounds us, if properly decorated, will have a restorative effect. Each private interior should therefore be designed individually taking into account the needs of the user. The idea is to create a space where the senses will rest after returning from work, and the body will feel in tune with itself.


The concept idea came about in response to current human needs in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, when we have an epidemic of physical and mental illnesses and problems with overwork, the need arises for the places where we most often stay to become spaces, creating human well-being. Such a role is fulfilled by EnrichSpace.

A space designed in the EnrichSpace concept gives a person the opportunity to symbiosis with the environment in which he/she lives. It influences on building of his/her inner power.

Research by the Foundation shows that human well-being and better well-being are not affected by the quantity of greenery only by its quality and contemplative nature.

So, I propose instead of creating an artificial environment with green elements imitating nature, solutions initiated by nature itself. A space where nature permeates the human world, fills it, giving it a sense of harmony.
The symbiotic introduction of greenery into the daily living environment creates regenerative contact with nature and replaces the occasional stay in the natural world.

The contemplative dimension of greenery regenerates a man regardless of his / her consciousness and will, it is enough that he/she stays in it. Surrounding architecture inspired by nature can give him/her the best of everything. A man who lives in symbiosis with what surrounds him/her experiences harmony.