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The choice of colors that you will use in the interior always needs to be well thought out. There is no place for any, even the smallest mistake. Why? Because colors shape the space, give the interior the right proportions. It is thanks to them that the living room will gain an elegant character, and the bedroom will delight with a cozy atmosphere.
Neutral white, pleasant green, calm blue, elegant black, fiery red, and a drop of stylish gold. What color to choose for the interior? Certainly, one that you like and that you enjoy. This is the basis and I advise you to remember it! After all, colors influence our behavior, mood, emotions, or decisions we make. They motivate us to act, and change our perception of the world. They make us taste food differently, experience movies, and even fall in love more strongly! Just as not everyone will feel comfortable in a red scarf, not everyone will last long in a living room with purple walls. Seemingly obvious, but often when choosing colors we are guided by what friends have at their place, or what paint manufacturers promote in a given season. It’s always worth taking inspiration from novelties and design innovations, but it is important, however, to do it wisely and with an idea!


I like interior design the stage of choosing colors. They give the space a real “form”, especially if we think about the walls or the floor. Colors allow us to shape the interior the way we want, the way we dreamed of.

They are the ones that will make a living room with a large space become an elegant, cozy zone where you spend time pleasantly, and a small kitchen will gain optically, a few meters more. But be careful, because poorly chosen colors can do a lot of harm to an interior. They will make the room dark, and gloomy, lack lightness, or be too sterile. An arrangement disaster guaranteed! And any change of colors in the interior means additional costs and time which is needed to renovate.


Colors, in addition to the fact that you must like them, should also fit the size of the house or apartment and its layout. This is of great importance. Because not everything that looks good in a large, spacious interior will present itself just as nicely in a small or narrow room. You should always keep this in mind when planning a renovation or decorating completely from scratch your four corners.

The general rule of color selection is this – warm colors have a stimulating effect, and cold colors – are calm and relaxing. Bright colors, especially white, optically enlarge the interior. They perfectly deceive the human eye and add to the room sometimes even a few meters more space. Dark colors will show all their beauty best in large interiors. And when it comes to intense colors, it is worth noting that they can definitely bore you faster and go out of fashion sooner (except maybe black).

So it is good to use them in the interior in the form of accessories. What else? Interiors decorated in neutral, subdued colors are much more timeless than those dominated by a stronger or darker color palette. And nothing is surprising or revealing about this. Light i.e. bright colors simply have a lot of advantages. In my projects, I like to use white (in its pure form or slightly broken) and different faces of gray. They look beautiful and exposed in a spacious, open living zone.

What is worth knowing about bright colors? First of all, they give the interior a pleasant lightness, bring a breath of freshness, and are very, but very versatile. And they never go out of fashion despite changing trends. I also already mentioned that they are especially desirable in small rooms, which will visually enlarge them. And do not let yourself be told that a living room or kitchen decorated in bright colors is boring. Nothing could be further from the truth! Why? Because they can be enlivened with strong, intense accents, which if you get bored, you can quickly and easily replace with others such as pillows on the sofa or bedspread. It is also a good idea to break them with dark accessories. Such a neutral base is a perfect field for a thousand different arrangement compositions.

And what if you like dark colors? There is no doubt that they look insanely beautiful! They give the space character and an elegant flair. However, when planning to use dark colors in the design of a living room, kitchen, or bedroom, it is worth considering the square footage you have to manage. After all, they will not work equally well in every interior. An arrangement in black, deep gray, or chocolate brown will look much better in a large, spacious living room (as I mentioned earlier). In small rooms, dark colors need to be used very carefully and with great sensitivity – preferably in accessories. This is because they can make the interior heavy, and overwhelming, and make it look smaller than it is.

Also remember, the colors in the interior should permeate, complement and match each other perfectly. Because only thanks to that they will emphasize what is best and most beautiful in our homes and apartments.

I wish you a lot of colorful inspiration!